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Light Bucket Type LGS HL

Light Bucket loading goods up to 900 kg/cbm for courtloader/skid-skeer-loader   height 840 mm, depth 890 mm, hardened cutting edge 110 × 12 mm, 400 HB, one inlying middle reinforcement for widths of 1400 mm  

no. 105

width volume weight price
900mm      430l 125kg 695,00€
1000mm      485l 137kg 735,00€
1100mm      530l 149kg 760,00€
1200mm      595l 161kg 790,00€
1300mm      630l 179kg 825,00€
1400mm      690l 195kg 875,00€
1500mm      740l 208kg 950,00€
1600mm      795l 220kg 1.020,00€
Extra charge for: Euro-Quick-Coupler 49,00 €
spill guard 150,00 €
middle reinforcement, each 135,00 €
cutting edge 150 × 16 mm 500 HB, per m 105,00 €
cutting edge with screwed knife 200 × 20 mm 500 HB, per m 320,00 €
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