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Maize Pushing Blade Type MSS RL/TL

Maize Pushing Blade for wheel- or telescopic loader
height ca. 1300 mm, blade made of fire grained steel with bent edge and upper grid extension for better visibility, exchangeable HESSE adapter, special screwable rubber strip, blade with swiveling hydraulic side parts for widths of more than 3000 mm, adjustable pressure control valve  

no. 328

width weight price
2500mm 855kg 4.450,00€
2750mm 900kg 4.600,00€
3000mm 985kg 4.830,00€
4000mm 1650kg 8.790,00€
5500mm 1780kg 9.550,00€
Extra charge for:
additional Hesse adaptor for other agricultural machinery 970,00 €
extended mounting 500 mm for better visibility 980,00 €
main tube with welded cones and heavy duty tines 1.080,00 €
marker lights 480,00 €
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