Artikelnummer: LGS RL/TL-1 Kategorie:

Light Bucket Type LGS RL/TL

Light Bucket loading goods up to 900 kg/cbm for wheel- or telescopic loader
height 970 mm, depth 1170 mm, hardened cutting edge 150 × 20 mm 500 HB, inlying middle reinforcement, 2 inlying middle reinforcements for widths of 2200 mm, loss of reinforcement: with hardenend cutting edge 200 × 20 mm and wear resistant sub-construction

no. 306

width volume weight price
1600mm 1280l 380kg 1.450,00€
1800mm 1440l 395kg 1.550,00€
2000mm 1610l 410kg 1.595,00€
2200mm 1770l 465kg 1.670,00€
2500mm 2030l 485kg 2.150,00€
2600mm 2110l 500kg 2.230,00€
2800mm 2280l 520kg 2.300,00€
3000mm 2440l 545kg 2.490,00€
Extra charge for:
height side frame 250,00 €
spill guard 175,00 €
cutting edge 200 × 20 mm 500 HB, per m 145,00 €
cutting edge with screwed knife 200 × 20 mm 500 HB, per m 320,00 €
screwed polyurethan cutting edge, per m 230,00 €
wear resistant sub-construction 395,00 €
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