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Light Bucket S

Smart Push Light Bucket S for courtloader/skid-skeer-loader   loading goods up to 900 kg/cbm height 840 mm, depth 890 mm, hardened cutting edge 150 × 16 mm 500 HB, hydraulic back board, overload safety device, pressure limiting valve, made of fine grained steel polyamid wear plate profil, height side frame, spill guard  

no. 123

width    volume weight price
1200mm    600l 330kg 2.150,00€
1400mm    690l 385kg 2.445,00€
1600mm    790l 440kg 2.780,00€
1800mm    890l 495kg 3.115,00€
2000mm    990l 550kg 3.450,00€
Extra charge for: cutting edge 150 × 20 mm 500 HB, per m 125,00 €
wear resistant sub-construction 290,00 €
pressure holding valve (needed for special loaders) 180,00 €
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