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Bulky Goods Bucket Type ESG EA

Bulky Goods Bucket conical with Euro-Quick-Coupler
height 720 mm, depth 980 mm, opening width ca. 1470 mm, hardened cutting edge 150 × 20 mm 500 HB, wear resistant sub-construction, inlying middle reinforcement, removable sideparts screwed, 2 inlying middle reinforcements for widths of 2200 mm, thick material main tube with reinforced graps, 2 hydraulic cylinders, adjustable pressure limiting valve

no. 220

width volume weight price
1600mm 1030l 510kg 3.620,00€
1800mm 1160l 535kg 3.730,00€
2000mm 1290l 575kg 3.910,00€
2200mm 1490l 610kg 4.080,00€
2500mm 1620l 660kg 4.240,00€
Extra charge for:
cutting edge 200 × 20 mm 500 HB, per m 145,00 €
cutting edge with screwed knife 200 × 20 mm 500 HB, per m 320,00 €
one more supporting point at the grapple 350,00 €
oil flow divider 90 l/min 320,00 €v
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