Artikelnummer: BAS EA-1 Kategorie:

Bale Fork TypE BAS EA

Bale Fork with Euro-Quick-Coupler
width 1120 mm, height 600 mm, tine length 1000 mm, thick material main tube with welded cones, tines high value full material, displayed with bracket

no. 203

number of tines capacity weight price
2 1200kg 85kg 430,00€
3 1800kg 95kg 480,00€
4 2400kg 105kg 530,00€
5 3000kg 120kg 600,00€
Extra charge for:
NEW! Version with foldaway tines 395,00 €
more width, per 100 mm 42,00 €
more height, per 100 mm 38,00 €
bracket, height 400 mm 180,00 €
heavy duty tine 1000 mm, each 55,00 €
heavy duty tine 1250 mm, each 78,00 €
heavy duty tine 1400 mm, each 89,00 €
extra tine in upper frame, each 70,00 €
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