General Information

All attachments are supplied ready for mounting with the corresponding tool holders. Hydraulic hoses with couplings are included in the scope of delivery, but must be checked and possibly adapted. For inquiries and orders we need the make
and the type designation of the carrier vehicle. All stated dimensions, weights, load capacities, illustrations and technical information are non-binding. We reserve the right to make design changes.

The stated load capacities refer to the attachment. The volume specification refers to the filling volume according to ISO 7546.

Our specifications are minimum values,
which the attachment can carry when used as intended.

When fitting to carrier vehicles with higher carrying capacity, the permissible specifications of the attachments (bulk density, carrying capacity etc.) must not be exceeded.


With the publication of this price list, all previous price lists or price notifications lose their validity. All prices stated in the price list are in € plus the statutory value added tax. Delivery is made on the basis of our general terms of sale, delivery and payment.

Download AGB: Status of the price list: Nov. 2019

Pricing ex works, excluding packaging, without transport insurance, logistics surcharge € 25.00 per device, freight costs share purely net per piece.

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